Guide to modern parking and mobility studies

Don't need a parking study? Think again.

This eBook dives into how parking studies have evolved to better collect and leverage data to drive stakeholder engagement, build trust with constituents and better help communities leverage new mobility options.

Key topics include:

  • Why your city probably needs a parking study
  • Building support from stakeholders & constituents
  • What data parking studies should include to build more value
  • How to get the most out of parking study data
  • Embracing curb data to improve mobility for communities


Lauren Rennee AICP, PTPLauren Rennée AICP, PTP, is a Senior Transportation Planner at BFJ Planning who has expertise in parking and loading studies. She has managed large scale on- and off-street data collection efforts for parking studies in the New York Metropolitan Area, including utilization studies and public outreach efforts. Ms. Rennée seeks to help municipalities better manage their public space resources to better serve residents, businesses, and visitors.

Stephen-SmythStephen Smyth is co-founder and CEO of Coord. An engineer by training, Stephen has over 15 years experience in product management and cross-functional leadership at early-stage and established companies such as Prosper, Amplify and Reuters. He started his career in mobility at BMW in Germany, writing software for crash and robotics simulations. When not at work, he enjoys taking his bike for a spin in Central Park, exploring the city with his kids, and trying to visit one new country a year.


Download our eBook on modern parking and mobility studies.