Explore the Digital Curb with Open Curbs

Explore the Digital Curb with Open Curbs

Open Curbs is fueled by collaborating cities and private sector innovators who are passionate about their commitments to providing open access to their curb data surveyed by our tools. Users can view collected curb assets from participating surveys for things such as parking signs, fire hydrants, loading zones, bus stops and more.

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Asset Data Export Includes

Asset Data Export Includes:

  • The latitude and longitude of the asset
  • The type of asset (curb cut, hydrant, etc.)
  • The date and time the asset was surveyed (in UTC)
  • And more...

Want a data sample from our API?

Open Curbs is all about published 3rd party survey information. Want to know if Coord's data or API can help you? We can email you a small data sample to explore. If you have questions or need additional documentation information, please reach out to us directly.

Hector Soliman Valdez

Having a complete picture of the current designations of our district's curbs helps us prepare for the future that is already here. By this I mean the immense pressure that we have to convert our curbs into dynamic spaces that serve multiple uses at different times of the day. With this data in hand we can better engage TNC's, delivery companies and others to reduce their impacts on our transportation network all the while increasing their efficiency.

-Hector Soliman-Valdez, Mobility Manager for Downtown Santa Monica

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