Making cities more livable for users―starting with the curb.

Making cities more livable for users―starting with the curb.

Digital curb access

Digital curb access

Analytics to transcribe, parse and interpret asset data to answer curb use questions. The Curbs API enables software developers to integrate curb intelligence into their apps.

We now live in the era of on-demand mobility
Package delivery
Food delivery
Ride hail
Shared vehicles
Autonomous vehicles

Digital curbs are no longer around the corner, they are here.

We've over-layed interpreted municipal codes over our collected data in a standardized format available in our Curbs API.

Coord can help you:

  • Reduce parking fines

  • Safer passenger pick-up/drop-off

  • Have more predictability for trips

  • Improve productivity

  • Access map of curb assets

Coord can help you

Improve zoning allocation & parking prices


Understand asset inventory & improve curbside productivity


Provide safer options for people to access the street

Download Sample Data

Want to know if Coord's data or API can help you? We can email you a small data sample to explore. If you have questions or need additional documentation information, please reach out to us directly.