The future of mobility in cities requires a lot of data―starting with the curb.

Get the data you need to make curb management decisions at a fraction of the cost


Are curbs meeting the needs of your citizens?

  • Update parking meter pricing

  • Identify new zoning adjustments

  • Better predict space allocation

At Coord, we believe in partnering with city agencies to improve mobility for everyone, by harnessing the power of data. We are helping make cities more accessible to everyone by providing a better understanding of curb space, and are inspired by the vision of a digital curb that is predictable, dynamic and productive.

How can curb data
help your city?

  • Share curb regulations map

  • Manage curb assets more efficiently

  • Make informed zoning adjustments

  • Support data-driven policy decisions

  • Predict space availability

  • Compute curb productivity

  • Entice mobility companies to innovate in your city

Standardizing how data is collected & formatted:

  • Using AR tech for accuracy
  • 6x faster than traditional survey methods
  • Smooth & intuitive design
  • No special hardware & minimal training
  • Data collected in standardized format
Surveyor Mobile

Improve zoning allocation & parking prices


Understand asset inventory & improve curbside productivity


Provide safer options for people to access the street

Open Data for Communities:

We connect companies and city agencies to create a shared understanding of what is on our streets. Now we are helping them share this data publicly to improve transparency with their communities.


  • Open collaboration with leaders

  • Better insights into streets

  • Structured & standardized data


Data that's easy to use and share

Coord's Explorer tool shows how we can turn a simple asset inventory into an interactive visualization of curb regulations over time for multiple types of vehicles, from passenger cars to motorcycles to trucks. And, with a single click, you can make the data you collect available to all your citizens using Coord's Open Curb Assets portal.

curb occupancy done right

Curb occupancy done right

Asset inventories are only one part of the curb data picture. You also need to know how your curb is being used today. Using automated license plate recognition (ALPR) technology, Surveyor makes understanding curb occupancy and dwell time a snap.

Third Street Promenade

Downtown Santa Monica surveyed their streets in order to better integrate new mobility options like ride-hail and e-scooters into their community...