What will the Digital Curb Challenge Pilot Program Cities be piloting?

Congestion, double-parking, and chaotic loading experiences are unfortunately the norm on too many of our cities’ streets.  

Each Pilot Program City is piloting a Smart Zone program that uses Coord technology to:

  • Provide delivery and service vehicle drivers with the information and incentives to load in locations where it is safe and permitted
  • Empower cities with more information to manage their curb space  

The Smart Zone programs are tailored to each city’s unique mobility and policy landscape.  In each program, loading space designated as “Smart Zones” is dedicated for use by participating vehicles.  Each city creates rules for using Smart Zones, which may include time limits, hours of operation and prices.  Participating drivers use a mobile app to view Smart Zone locations and availability.  A driver then places a hold on an available Smart Zone near their destination.

Check out program pages for Omaha Smart Zones and Aspen Smart Zones.

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What are the benefits of Smart Zones?

Smart Zones are designed to improve the coordination, safety, and convenience of curbside delivery and service vehicle loading in cities.  

  • Smart Zones improve the loading experience for both delivery companies and local businesses. Mobile apps show drivers real-time locations, availability, and rules for loading space.  Drivers can find, hold, pay for and extend their time in Smart Zones using the mobile devices they already use every day.     
  • Smart Zones create opportunities for cities to better manage their curb space.  The Coord platform provides cities with information about when, where and for long drivers are loading.  This supports data-driven operational changes.  For example, cities can use this information to create more loading space where it’s most needed, or they can manage demand for loading space through pricing and time limits.  Because Smart Zone availability, rules and prices are digitally communicated to drivers, cities can adjust rules for zones in response to policy changes, special events or emergencies without the hassle and expense of modifying signage on the street.

Who else is participating in the Digital Curb Challenge?

Vancouver, BC, Baltimore, MD, Sarasota, FL, Bend, OR, Norwalk, CT, Fort Smith, AK, Halifax, NS, Portland, ME, Walnut Creek, CA, Las Vegas, NV, Bay Area Metro and Portland, OR are participating in the Digital Curb Challenge as Cohort Cities.  Cohort cities will have a front-row seat to the work the Pilot Program Cities are doing.  All participating cities will engage in information-sharing and educational opportunities designed especially for curb enthusiasts!

Frequently asked questions

I run a business or oversee a fleet of vehicles in one of the Pilot Program cities.  How do I get involved in this program?

Let’s connect!  Email partners@coord.com to let us know what city you operate in and what type of fleet or business you are. 

I am a driver and do deliveries or service calls as part of my profession.  How do I get access to Smart Zones in my city?

If you work for a fleet or larger company, check with your management to find out whether your company is already partnering with your city on this program.  If you work independently, stay tuned to this website.  We will provide information for how to get access to Smart Zones in each city as program registration becomes available.

Is it too late to become a Cohort City?

We welcome inquiries about becoming a Cohort City through July 31, 2020.  Drop us a note at partners@coord.com. Let us know what city you work for and what your interests in curb management are. 

I work for a city and we are interested in learning more about Smart Zones.  How do I get more information?

You can request a meeting with a member of the Coord team here.  

What is Coord?

Coord helps cities manage streets, starting with the curb.

Our comprehensive curb management platform helps cities along the entire continuum of curb space management, whether they are focusing on collecting and analyzing data to develop a curb space management plan or they are looking to operate active curb management programs like Smart Zones.  Learn more about Coord technology and programs.