Save Time, Make Money

Smart Zones help you find available loading space fast. Complete more deliveries. Skip the stress and tickets.

Fast and Easy Pickups and Deliveries

The more time you spend looking for parking, the less money you make.  And there's no room in the budget for parking tickets.  The Coord Driver app gives you real-time availability information so you can navigate directly to a legal spot.  It can even hold a spot for you while you're on your way.  

A delivery driver checking his phone to find a parking spot

How Smart Zones Work

Create an account

1. Create an Account

Get the Coord Driver App here, and sign up for an account with your phone number or email address. Enter your license plate number and vehicle type.

Find a zone

2. Find a Zone

Search for an address or tap on the map to find a Smart Zone near your destination with available space.

Head to the zone

3. Head to the Zone

When you're less than half a mile from the zone, Coord Driver will hold the zone until you arrive to make sure that nobody takes your space.

Start your session

4. Start Session

Press Start Session when you arrive to let us know you're in the Smart Zone. If your fleet isn't paying for your usage, we will ask for your credit card number.

Load or unload

5. Load or Unload

Load or unload in the zone, and press End Session when you're done. You'll only pay for the time you use -- no need to feed a meter or extend!

Cities with Smart Zones

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