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Curb Management Journey
Case Study

Empowering Cities with Scalable Curb Management

Since our founding, we’ve envisioned a Digital Curb that is transparent, flexible, and productive. Coord is achieving milestones designed to accelerate this in cities: moving from static and inflexible curb space towards more active and effective curb management based on real-time needs.

e-Book · May 7, 2020

What is your Curb Index?

How can we tell how well a given curb function is being served for a block or a neighborhood?

case studies
Case Study · Nov 1, 2019

Case Studies

Learn about how various users are leveraging Coord

active transportation planning
Case Study · May 19, 2020

Using Pittsburgh's Data to plan a Bike Network

Leverage curb data in Coord to plan and implement a sophisticated bike network for active transportation.

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Collision Toronto: Coord

CEO of Coord, Stephen, discusses creating seamless mobility by leveraging the curb #CollisionConf 2019

Mobility & the Curb Panel

Smart Cities: Mobility & the Curb

Kellogg School of Management Panel

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SFMTA Curb Management 2020
External/Partner Resource

Curb Management Strategy

Produced by SFMTA

NACTO Curb Appeal
External/Partner Resource · May 21, 2022

Curb Appeal

Produced by NACTO

Donald Shoup Resources
External/Partner Resource · May 21, 2022

Donald Shoup Journalism

Curated pieces written by industry expert, Donald Shoup

urban freight lab members
External/Partner Resource · May 21, 2022

Urban Freight Lab

Housed at the Supply Chain Transportation and Logistics Center at the University of Washington