Inventory the curb with Coord Collector.

Use the Surveyor app to collect accurate curb data in half the time for your next parking study.

To know the rules of the curb, you have to go to the source.

To know the rules of the curb, you have to go to the source.

The Coord Collector app is an efficient way to map and analyze curb features, like parking signs, fire hydrants, and loading zones, that impact where you can park, load, pick up, or drop off.

Coord Collector uses state-of-the-art augmented reality technology to accurately position curb assets on digital maps—no measuring wheels or manual data entry needed. On average, the Coord Collector app can digitize a city block face in under three minutes.

Philadelphia Survey


Data collected throughout major neighborhoods in just a few days for the City of Brotherly Love...

Smarter decisions made with smarter data.

Turnover & occupancy 1 Turnover & occupancy 2

Turnover & occupancy studies become a matter of 1, 2 3...

The Coord Collector app has tools that help collect important data for occupancy and turnover studies. By automatically collecting data against a map, processing results and providing value to clients can be achieved in faster time with significantly less data entry.

The tools are flexible based on the needs of each study, and can even leverage our License Plate Recognition features for more accurate turnover records.

How Coord Collector Works



Identify areas to survey and data to collect using our management tools.



Install the Coord Collector app on your team's iPhones (iOS 11.3 required).



Walk down the sidewalk and take pictures of parking signs and other curb features like fire hydrants, bus stops and driveways. The app uses AR technology to precisely position these features.

Coord Magic

Coord Magic

Coord interprets your data to determine real-time curb regulations in your area

Receive Data

Receive Data

Receive detailed and accurate curb asset and regulation data in a fraction of the time of traditional methods.

Go far with Real-Time Curb Data

Public Agencies

Whether you're studying individual street improvements or creating a neighborhood transit plan, collecting accurate curb data is essential to understanding parking impacts for residents and businesses. Not only will you save time and money in the collection process, you can also leverage Coord's APIs to share curb rules seamlessly with your constituents.

Planners + Consultants

Coord Collector offers a simple alternative to expensive and time-consuming parking studies. With next-generation technology, Coord Collector gets you the data you need to get your projects approved faster, for neighborhood-level projects to site studies for private- and public-sector clients.

Mobility Providers

The growing viability of autonomous vehicles increases the need for high-quality mapping data. With Coord Collector, you can identify commercial loading zones and passenger drop-off areas to ensure seamless transportation in congested urban areas. Package delivery, ride-share and ride-hailing services can avoid tickets, suggest pick-up locations, and much more.

Downtown Santa Monica Case Study

Downtown Santa Monica surveyed their streets in order to better integrate new mobility options like ride-hail and e-scooters into their community.

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