May 7, 2020

What is your Curb Index?



Coord Staff

We know our curbs can do more to meet community needs. Several cities have developed excellent frameworks for prioritizing curb space. These frameworks help us identify and prioritize the functions we want curbs to perform. But how can we tell how well a given function is being served for a block or a neighborhood? How can we measure performance and create change at a system-wide level?

Coord's Head of Policy & Partnerships, Dawn Miller, and Coord’s Co-Founder and CTO, Jacob Baskin, have drafted a policy brief describing a new concept, a Curb Index. The Curb Index can be a helpful, practical starting point for figuring out how well permitted curb uses match the needs of their surroundings. The brief discusses:

  • Curb space prioritization frameworks

  • Ways to measure how well a location’s curbs provide Access for People, Access for Commerce, and Access to Amenities

  • Methods for improving Curb Index ratings

  • How transportation professionals can use Curb Index ratings to promote change in their communities

  • and more!

Download the policy brief now to learn more!

curb-index-download (2)