Mar 29, 2021

Product Updates for Delivery Drivers and Fleet Managers


Kenny Durell

Data Engineer

We’ve had great conversations with fleet and delivery drivers, and their managers, over the past six months in Omaha, Aspen, Nashville and West Palm Beach. Based on these conversations and what we’ve seen from app usage patterns and City partners, we’ve made a host of exciting updates to many of our products, including the Coord Driver app and our Smart Zone fleet management portal.


Read on to learn about the changes we’ve made to streamline booking and paying for Smart Zones.



For Drivers using the Coord Driver app to reserve and pay for Smart Zones, we’ve added and enhanced a few features.


Automated holds
  • At the beginning of a driver’s trip, they can now just enter their destination (the address or business name) into the Coord Driver app, click on a Smart Zone near it on the map and tap “Go Here”. 
  • Once they’re half a mile away from their delivery stop, the app will automatically hold the closest Smart Zone to this location. This means no more tapping to confirm a zone while driving!
  • If a driver’s first choice Smart Zone is no longer available when they’re within a half mile, the app will automatically hold a nearby zone (within 650 feet of the zone). If there’s no zone close by, then the app will cancel the hold and the driver will be able to select a different zone to load, if they want.

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Figure 1. Coord Driver app. Before trip begins, the driver  enters their destination address or  taps desired Smart Zone


14Figure 2. Coord Driver app. Coord system automatically reserves Smart Zone in driver's last half mile.

Paying only for time used

  • Now, when a driver arrives at a Smart Zone, they simply tap “Start Session” to start the Smart Zone session.  They no longer need to select in advance how much time (e.g., 15 min., 30 min., 1 hour, etc.) they want to book the Smart Zone for. 
  • When a driver gets back to his vehicle and is done using the space, he’ll just tap “End Session,” which will end the session. So, if the driver uses a zone for 10  minutes, they’ll only pay for 10 minutes. 


Figure 3. Coord Driver app. Driver taps Start Session to begin their session.


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Figure 4. Elapsed time and total cost show while the driver has the zone booked. Tap End Session when they’re done.


Ending sessions, automatically

  • Sometimes, drivers forget to end their sessions when they leave Smart Zones. Now, when we can tell from the app that a driver has driven away from the zone they were using, the app automatically ends their Smart Zone session.
  • This allows Coord to show these zones as available to other drivers and ensures drivers aren’t charged for time when they are no longer using a Smart Zone.

For fleet managers using the Coord fleet portal to set up and pay for their drivers’ use of Smart Zones, we’ve added a few new billing and payment features.  


Alternate payment options
  • We've added an ACH payment option (electronic bank transfer), to go along with the current credit card payment option for Smart Zones. Some fleets told us that they prefer to pay via ACH or have limited credit card access. 


Screen Shot 2021-02-09 at 4.28.22 PM

Figure 5. Fleet Management Portal. View of the payment screen, with the option to select ACH or credit card.


Alternate billing options

  • Fleet managers and delivery companies mentioned that processing Smart Zone fees on a monthly basis (as opposed to daily) fit better into their billing cadence, so we’ve moved to monthly Smart Zone billing for all fleets.  


Auto-linking drivers based on license plates

  • This is an update for both fleet managers and their drivers. Fleets are able to bulk add all license plates for vehicles in their fleet in the Fleet Management portal. 
  • Then, if any of their drivers sign up on the Coord Driver app with one of these license plates, the drivers’ app auto-links to the fleet for payment and billing!

Screen Shot 2021-03-25 at 4.37.45 PM

Figure 6. Fleet Management portal. View of the license plate upload page, where managers can add drivers’ license plates for pre-approval.



We appreciate all of the feedback we’ve received from drivers, fleets and cities and alike. We’re always working to make our products better serve our customers, and in turn, make loading activities safer and more efficient in cities across the world. Keep an eye out for more product updates on this blog in the coming weeks! 


Kenny Durell

Data Engineer

Kenny is a data engineer at Coord. In a prior work life, Kenny was the first hire at MightyHive, an advertising consulting firm, helping build out the account management team and the company’s first bid optimization products. When not at work, Kenny enjoys discovering new bands, running in new cities and learning new languages.