Apr 12, 2021

Product Updates for Cities and Enforcement Teams


Kenny Durell

Data Engineer

We’ve had great conversations with fleet and delivery drivers, and their managers, over the past six months in Omaha, Aspen, Nashville and West Palm Beach. Based on these conversations and what we’ve seen from app usage patterns and City partners, we’ve made a host of exciting updates to many of our products, including Coord Inspector (our enforcement app), and our city Smart Zone dashboard!

If you're interested in the updates we've made for drivers and fleet managers, check out our previous post on product updates.

Read on to learn about the changes we’ve made to enforcing and analyzing Smart Zone usage. 



For city staff and curb managers using the Smart Zone dashboard to check in on performance and usage, we’ve begun prominently featuring additional important stats and data.

  • The Smart Zone dashboard features the main health metrics for Smart Zones (total bookings, total revenue etc.) in large cards along the top, before providing more detailed charts and breakdowns below. 
  • City staff can now easily slice and dice their data in a variety of ways, including grouping all usage in a timeframe by day of week or hour of day. 
  • We’ve also added text listing Smart Zone hours and pricing in the individual Smart Zone views, right below each Smart Zone’s name. As cities adjust pricing based on demand and time of day, this feature allows staff to quickly check the hours and pricing for each zone. 
  • If you want to get a full tour of the current Smart Zone dashboard, we’ve updated our video overview!


Screen Shot 2021-03-24 at 1.37.58 PM

Figure 1. Coord Dashboard. View of total bookings, revenue, dwell time and a number of other stats for a Smart Zone (200 South Main).

For city enforcement teams using Coord Inspector to scan vehicles in Smart Zones, we've made a few changes to provide additional, useful context when they're out in the field. 


Active bookings, anywhere in the city

  • On occasion, drivers unintentionally book a different zone in the Coord Driver app than the one they park their truck and load in
  • When enforcement officers select a specific zone in the Coord Inspector app and begin scanning vehicles, the app now tells them if a vehicle:
    •  has booked a session in the current zone 
    • OR in any other Smart Zone in the city.


Previous bookings for a vehicle

  • We've also added information about whether that specific license plate has had any previous overstays or unpaid uses of Smart Zone spaces, with the zone, time and date where they occurred.
  •  Both of these features provide the officer with additional context about the vehicle and driver before writing a citation, allowing them to potentially have a conversation with the driver and make sure they’re able to book the correct zone in that moment and in future sessions

Copy of Phone for Slide Decks  (37)

Figure 2. Coord Inspector app. Enforcement's view of a scanned vehicle that is booked in another Smart Zone and has prior violations.



We appreciate all of the feedback we’ve received from drivers, fleets and cities and alike. We’re always working to make our products better serve our customers, and in turn, make loading activities safer and more efficient in cities across the world.


Kenny Durell

Data Engineer

Kenny is a data engineer at Coord. In a prior work life, Kenny was the first hire at MightyHive, an advertising consulting firm, helping build out the account management team and the company’s first bid optimization products. When not at work, Kenny enjoys discovering new bands, running in new cities and learning new languages.