Dec 18, 2019

Product Update: Scenarios & Curb Edit View


Brynn Shepherd

Software Engineer

Coord Analytics is a tool for understanding the existing assets and regulations that apply along a given stretch of curb or for a particular area in a city. Until now, we’ve focused our efforts on capturing and visualizing this current reality of curb data, to provide city employees with an accurate digital representation of the many uses of their curb space.


As a city staffer in the real world, however, you are often interested in making some change to a stretch of curb space, towards some desired end for your city and its constituents. For example, you may want to propose a new program of pickup and drop-off zones for ride hail services like Lyft and Uber, or you may want to make certain no standing zones in commercial areas explicitly available for deliveries at certain times of day. Scenarios, the newest feature of our Analytics platform, can help you understand the implications of such proposed changes, and enable you to make more well-informed, data-driven decisions about your city and its curb space.




Within a Scenario, you can add or remove loading zones, parking signs, and other curb assets on a curb-by-curb basis. After doing so, you’ll see the regulations update instantly along the affected stretches of the curb. Use a scenario whenever you’re exploring the impact of changing certain physical features of your city’s curbs.



In designing scenarios, we wanted to make it as easy as possible for you to compare the changes you’ve made with current, unchanged version of your city’s curbs. To this end, you can toggle between these views in one click using the “Proposed” and “Current” buttons in the toolbar.

The true power of scenarios, however, lives in the Analytics dashboard. Here, in addition to viewing the inventory graphs for your proposed scenario, you can also see the difference in quantities between the proposed and current state of your curb space, by selecting “Changes.” Using this view you can compare, on a quantitative level, the various implications of your scenario, including potential changes in the number of parking spaces.




We’re excited to see how you use scenarios and welcome any feedback! As always, feel free to reach out at with any thoughts or questions.


Along with Scenarios, we’ve also updated the “Edit Curb” view.


Based on user feedback that the map view should be visible, as needed, in conjunction with the curb view, we’ve made the Edit Curb view in Analytics more customizable. Seeing the map while editing a curb helps users more easily orient what they see in the curb view to the real world and allows them to view additions and changes on the map as they make them.

Once you select an individual curb, you now have the ability to configure your view of this curb’s data. By default, the curb assets show on the bottom of the window, with a view of the map, including the curb you’ve selected, shown above.

The new Top and Bottom buttons allow you to adjust this view, showing regulations on top instead of the map, for instance.


Bug Fixes


We’re moving fast with new features, but still working to improve our existing ones based on user feedback. So keep up the great communication, and we’ll keep up with the enhancements and bug fixes. Here are the notable bugs we've exterminated this month:

  • Improved how we interpret street sweeping regulations
  • Fixed handling of gaps in occupancy data (e.g., due to areas of streets without legal parking)
  • Addressed issues with Internet Explorer 11 support
  • Made filtering of curb assets and regulations work more smoothly and intuitively



Brynn Shepherd

Software Engineer

Brynn is a software engineer at Coord. In a previous life she was a product designer at Facebook, where she worked on the commerce and platform teams for 2 years. A self-professed urban planning nerd, she read The Power Broker in high school and has been fascinated by the dynamics of cities ever since. In her spare time, she loves to read, travel, look at art, ride the subway, and document everything.