Smart Zones Deliver: Full Aspen Case Study

In November 2020, the City of Aspen and Coord launched a Smart Zone pilot program to better manage the commercial loading in the city’s downtown and...


Dawn Miller

VP, Policy & Partnerships

Product Updates for Delivery Drivers and Fleet Managers

We’ve had great conversations with fleet and delivery drivers, and their managers, over the past six months in Omaha, Aspen, Nashville and West Palm...


Kenny Durell

Data Engineer

Going Big in Aspen: Smart Zone Pilot Program Expansion

Coord is excited to announce that it is extending and expanding its Smart Zone partnership with the City of Aspen. Known for its natural beauty and...


Doneliza Joaquin

Program Manager

Oct 11, 2018

Announcing Coord’s Series A

When I was a kid, I was obsessed with cars. I drew pictures of cars, I dreamed of designing cars, I left cars all over the house for my parents to...


Stephen Smyth

CEO & Co-Founder

Sep 5, 2018

Why there’s no GTFS for curbs (yet)

Curbs can be hard for cities to manage. Here’s how Coord helps. One of Coord’s flagship APIs is our Curbs API, which provides detailed regulations...


Jacob Baskin

CTO & Co-Founder

Aug 1, 2018

PostGIS Performance Showdown: Geometry vs. Geography

At Coord, we use PostgreSQL as our primary data store, and we take advantage of the wonderful


Jacob Baskin

CTO & Co-Founder

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