Sep 29, 2021

Rock 'n' Loading in Nashville: Smart Zone Pilot Grows


Doneliza Joaquin

Program Manager

In August we shared that our Smart Zone pilot with the Nashville Department of Transportation and Multimodal Infrastructure (NDOT) would be extending and expanding. We are delighted to announce that the new Smart Zones are live in downtown Nashville.


Read more about the expansion below. 


Doubling Down

With 11 new Zones, the number of Smart Zones in Nashville has more than doubled since the pilot launched in February with Metro Nashville. The pilot area has expanded west to 6th Ave. and south to Demonbreun St., providing service in the core of downtown.


The nearly 1,100 feet of additional Smart Zones, enough room for about 51 cars or between 26 to 42 box trucks, will provide dedicated loading zones where drivers can access real time availability via the Coord Driver app. As they approach their destination, drivers can hold and then book time in a Smart Zone, currently at a rate of $4 per hour, or fraction thereof, for all Zones.

Nashville Smart Zone Map - September 2021

Map of existing and newly launched Smart Zones in downtown Nashville.


Zone Identification and Web Browser Booking

Along with the expansion, NDOT has updated Smart Zone signage to provide each Zone with a unique Zone ID. This provides drivers with additional confirmation that they are booking the correct Zone since they can match the Zone ID in the Coord Driver app with the one on the physical sign.  But don’t worry - there’s still no need to type a zone number into the app. Just tap “start session” and you’re on your way. 


Drivers, businesses and residents also have a new way to book. They can use the Coord Driver app as usual, or they can “quick book” without downloading an app using any web browser.

Smart Zone in downtown Nashville

Smart Zone in downtown Nashville.

With this latest program update, we look forward to learning, and sharing, more findings as the pilot continues. Our partners at Metro Nashville will continue to monitor the program and data it generates to modify program design including hours of operation, pricing, and time limits to optimize drivers’ ability to efficiently find safe and legal loading space when and where they need it.

If you are a curb manager and are interested in learning about bringing Smart Zones to your city, you can find more information about what we offer to cities here or request a meeting with a member of the Coord team here.

If you’re a fleet or driver in Nashville and you want to access Smart Zones, learn how here.


Doneliza Joaquin

Program Manager

Doneliza is a program manager at Coord. She is helping to deploy Coord’s Smart Zone pilots and programs. Previously she has worked as an urban research team leader at the real estate listing startup, as a management consultant focusing on public sector and non-profit organizations, and as an adjunct professor at Barnard College teaching courses in GIS mapping and analysis. Outside of work, Doneliza enjoys running in the city, preferably including a bridge or two, and exploring running routes when traveling.