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Sara Wiedenhaefer
Sara Wiedenhaefer


Sara Wiedenhaefer is the Marketing Manager at Coord. With a career purely at SaaS companies, she has a proven background in customer acquisition, branding and integration partnerships across various industries in global markets. When she's not up to her marketing wizardry, you can find her on the golf course or consuming some kind of cheese.

Fake news on Parking Signs?

Here at Coord, we love signs, especially when they’re clear. What we don’t love is when those signs are actually fakes masquerading as legitimate. If they’re done right, they can be really difficult to spot—so much so that law enforcement

Will it be policy or technology that limits Autonomous Vehicles arriving?

Curb considerations for cities exploring autonomous vehicles We are still in the early age

Quickly collect data about the availability of parking in an area

As a city official, adding, removing, or adjusting parking in residential and commercial areas can prompt numerous complaints from residents and local businesses. With more and more mobility

Loading Zone Pilot in residential areas launched in NYC

Advocates for more equitable use of curb space got a boost earlier this summer when the website Kings County Politics broke the story that New York City’s Department of Transportation had

Curbside Management: Are curbs the most valuable real estate in a city?

When you think of the curb, what comes to mind first? Maybe it’s the bump you feel when you’re

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