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How curbs are helping connect Oahu for a more sustainable future

Executive Summary Coord simplifies on-street parking data collection through software-based

Parking algorithm designed to influence the demand for on-street parking

Nir Fulman, Itzhak Benenson Department of Geography and Human Environment Porter

The Parking Podcast

  E9: An Interview with Stephen Smyth and a Conversation about COORD Stephen Smyth, is Coord's Co-founder and CEO. He discusses curb management, mobility and Coord. The Parking Podcast is a podcast about the $100 billion parking

Accessible paths to improving curbs

Steve Yaffe Yaffe Mobility Consulting   Dive Brief: Curb space is a finite and undervalued resource, especially in congested urban centers. Regulation of curb space can be used to prioritize access to

Fostering food trucks in cities

“If you don’t do something about it, you’re going to have taco trucks on every corner.” When the founder of “Latinos for Trump” uttered this warning about immigration policy in 2016, he probably thought such a situation was the portent

It's Time to Step Up our Curbs

Thomas Madrecki Director of Urban Innovation and Mobility UPS When it comes to designing safer, less congested and more livable streets, there are two experiences I wish I could share with any transportation planner, engineering consultant

What do Parking Planners do?

Parking Planners aim to provide information to make data-driven decisions and policy. They want to remove emotion from decisions which have impacts for decades. The average expected life of a parking structure, such as a podium garage

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