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Empowering Cities with Scalable Curb Management

We're excited today to announce the Digital Curb Challenge, an opportunity for cities and curb managers across North America to partner with us to undertake a free curb space management pilot program in 2020. This is a significant milestone in our...

Coord v. ArcGIS - Curb Data Collection and Regulation Translation

We’ve built Coord to make curb inventorying, optimization and management as seamless as possible, all while maintaining data quality. We’ve run head to head tests in the past to determine how our tools stacked up to other potential solutions being used...

Curbs Need to Be a Part of Every City's Vision Zero Action Plan

In late 2018 the NYC Taxi and Limousine Commission (TLC) decided 2019 would be “The Year of the Bike.”  This was before the tragic 2019 spate of NYC cyclist deaths had begun.  Growth in popularity of both cycling and ride-hailing told us we needed to do...

Product Update Blog: Scenarios & Curb Edit View

Coord Analytics is a tool for understanding the existing assets and regulations that apply along a given stretch of curb or for a particular area in a city. Until now, we’ve focused our efforts on capturing and visualizing this current reality of curb...

How curbs are helping connect Oahu for a more sustainable future

Executive Summary Coord simplifies on-street parking data collection through software-based

Release Notes: Virtual Zones, Residential Parking Permit Support, & Coverage

Release Notes is our monthly update that highlights recent product improvements we’ve

Kenny's Curb Diaries: Orlando, NPA's Convention & Expo

Last week, a Coord contingent migrated south with the snowbirds and Disney-obsessed to attend the National Parking Association Convention and Expo in Orlando, Florida. It was three days chock

The Digital Curb debuts in five new cities across North America

We’re five steps closer to supporting over 100 cities across the globe by 2021 as we welcome the curbs of Boston, Chicago, Atlanta, Denver and our first Canadian city Vancouver to our platform.

Fake news on Parking Signs?

Here at Coord, we love signs, especially when they’re clear. What we don’t love is when those signs are actually fakes masquerading as legitimate. If they’re done right, they can be really difficult to spot—so much so that law enforcement

Coord is welcoming a Head of Policy & Partnerships

I’m delighted to announce that Dawn Miller has joined the Coord team this week as the Head of Policy & Partnerships. Dawn will be responsible for working with our city partners to get a deeper

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