What is a Smart Zone?


Smart Zones are spaces along the curb dedicated to loading and unloading for certain hours of the day.



They are clearly marked with signage, and drivers use a mobile app (Coord Driver) to see real-time Smart Zone locations and availability. As they approach their destinations, drivers can hold and then book time in a Smart Zone. Fees apply to use a Smart Zone.

The rates for Smart Zones in Aspen are as follows: 

15 Minutes - $0.50
30 Minutes - $1.00
1 Hour  (max for alleys) - $2.00
2 Hours (max for streets) - $4.00


Smart Zones are designed to provide delivery drivers with the information and incentives to load in locations where it is safe and permitted. 

If you're a delivery driver, download the app here:

Driver App Download

If you're a fleet manager, sign up here:

Fleet Sign Up

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Benefits of Smart Zones

Well-managed curb access for delivery vehicle drivers promotes the economic vitality of commercial areas by making it easier for businesses to receive supplies and fulfill customer requests for deliveries, all while improving the experience for customers who visit the area.


Minimize time taken for pick-ups & deliveries by routing to appropriate curb spaces


Reduce incidence of safety and congestion hazards (e.g., double parking) by using designated loading zones


Reduce tickets and tows by parking and loading legally

Smart Zone Locations and Hours

Aspen Smart Zones - Updated April 2021

Spread the word

Download the informational flyer to spread the word about Smart Zones to your fleets and coworkers. 

How to use a Smart Zone

Download Driver app

1. Get the Coord Driver App

Get the Coord Driver App here

Sign up for a Driver account

2. Sign up & create an account

Driver provides license plate number, industry, vehicle type and vehicle length so we can show you Smart Zones with room for your specific vehicle.

Find & select a zone

3. Find & select a Zone

View zone locations and availability.  If there is a Smart Zone near your destination, tap "Go Here" and begin routing to it.

Route to the Zone

4. Route to Zone

When you are 5 minutes away, place your hold on an available Smart Zone.  Your hold lasts 5 minutes while you travel to the Smart Zone.  

Confirm arrival

5. Confirm arrival

Confirm your arrival at the Smart Zone (look for street signs like the one you'll see in the app). Select the amount of time needed to complete your task and book the zone.

Pay for the Space

6. Pay for the Space

Confirm your credit card, or your company's credit card details and account if they're paying for your Smart Zone loading, and then book the space.

Monitor and Extend Time

7. Monitor & extend time

Extend your booking as needed and pay for your added time. When you're done with your delivery, select "Finish Delivery" so someone else can use the space!

If your space is taken

8. If your space is taken...

It shouldn't happen often, but there may be times when a vehicle is parking in the Smart Zone you booked. 

If they're not leaving soon and you need to find a nearby loading space, cancel your booking and select "Smart Zone was Taken." The app will notify enforcement and show you all nearby Smart Zones and traditional loading zones.

Download the app to get started

Improve your deliveries or service calls in Downtown Aspen!

Getting started

I run a business or oversee a fleet of vehicles that serves Aspen. How do I get involved in this program?

Go here to register your fleet, enter in the license plates of the drivers in your fleet and add payment information. You'll then have an invite code to send to all your drivers so they can register under your account!

If you prefer for drivers to be linked to your fleet account based on their license plate alone, navigate to the “Invite” tab in the fleet portal. Select the box “Allow any driver with a license plate listed on the Drivers tab to be associated with your fleet.”

Either way, each driver still needs to download the Coord Driver app and create an individual log-in to get started.

I am a driver and do deliveries as part of my profession. How do I get access to Smart Zones in Aspen?

Are you part of a fleet and will your fleet be paying for your Smart Zone loading activity? If so, have your fleet manager sign up here and they'll send you an invite code to use on sign up. Then download the Coord Driver app and create an individual account to get started.

If you're an independent driver/contractor, you can download the Coord Driver app here. 

What types of drivers are allowed to use Smart Zones?

Aspen’s Smart Zones are for drivers that are actively loading and unloading goods or picking up or dropping off goods. This program is designed to more efficiently manage space for traditional commercial vehicles and trucks (e.g., beer delivery, grocery delivery, parcel delivery).

Private individuals parking for shopping, visiting a restaurant, or going to work are not allowed to use these zones.

Which license plates do I need to enter at signup—the tractor/cab or the trailer?

You only need to enter the license plate(s) of the tractor/cab when setting up an account.

Booking a Smart Zone

I want to book a Smart Zone for tomorrow when I plan to do a delivery. Can I make an advance reservation?

Smart Zones are not reservable far in advance and can only be held when you are a short distance away. This is to make sure that Smart Zones are being used efficiently and when they’re needed. So, even if you’re a little early or late to your delivery, you don’t have to worry about a reservation you made yesterday.

Not having preset reservations also means you have the flexibility to continue your booking as needed, up to the allotted maximum time, because there isn’t another driver who has already reserved the time following your booking.

Do I have to pay to book a Smart Zone?

Yes. The rates for deliveries in Smart Zones are:

  • 15 Minutes= $.50 
  • 30 Minutes= $1.00
  • 1 Hour, Max in Smart Zone Alleys = $2.00
  • 2 Hours, Max in curbside Smart Zones = $4.00

Please make sure only to use Smart Zones you have booked and not to overstay the maximum time allowed.  Doing so means the next driver cannot get the space when he or she needs it and puts you at risk of a citation.

I didn't hold a Smart Zone in advance, but I'm here now and it's empty. I'd like to use the Smart Zone. What do I do?

You are welcome to book a Smart Zone when you arrive instead of on your way. Just make sure to book it using the Coord Driver app.

If you try to book a Smart Zone and it is showing up as unavailable, that is because another vehicle is already on its way to this Smart Zone and has held it for five minutes using the Coord Driver app or the Smart Zone might not be open at the current time or to your vehicle type/size. You can see operating hours for each Smart Zone in the app.

If the zone is unavailable, please use the Coord Driver app to find another available Smart Zone nearby. Using the Smart Zone, without booking via app, puts you at risk of receiving a citation.

I held a Smart Zone, but I'm here now and it's in use by another vehicle. What do I do?

If you held a zone or if a zone is marked as available but it is full upon arrival, select “Alert Enforcement” in the Coord Driver app so that a notification can be sent to the parking enforcement team.

Then you can use the app to find nearby available Smart Zone locations.

How can I track how much time is left in my booking?

In the app, a countdown clock will show how much time is left before you reach the maximum booking time for a location.

I drive for a fleet and don’t drive the same vehicle everyday. Can I alternate between multiple license plates when using Coord Driver?

Yes, you can swap license plates between bookings. The first time you open Coord Driver each day you will be prompted to select the license plate you are using that day. You can also change the license plate you are booking with at any time by going to the app menu.


Need help and don't see your question answered on this page?

Contact us at aspensmartzones@coord.com. We'll get back to you soon!


If you have questions about the Aspen Smart Zone Sweepstakes, the full Terms and Conditions are here.