Boost your curb capabilities

See how Surveyor expands and simplifies the way you collect curb data

Boost your curb capabilities
Made for the curb

Made for the curb

Leave your measuring wheel and notebook at the office. The Coord Toolkit is designed for fast, accurate data collection and analysis, making it the simplest way to get curbside parking regulations. By using Coord, you can differentiate your firm in the RFP process, work on faster timelines, and deliver more ongoing value to clients.


Survey with a snapshot—no data collection forms to fill out, and no need for time-consuming training protocols


As much as 6x faster than traditional methods while collecting more detailed data


Augmented Reality technology positions curb assets with sub-meter accuracy, without needing additional hardware

Surveyor Mobile

To know the rules of the curb, you have to go to the source.

The Surveyor app is an efficient way to map and analyze curb features, like parking signs, fire hydrants, and loading zones, that impact where you can park, load, pick up, or drop off.


Coord Surveyor uses state-of-the-art augmented reality technology to accurately position curb assets on digital maps—no measuring wheels or manual data entry needed. On average, the Coord Surveyor app can digitize a city block face in under three minutes.

Curb Explorer

Data export is a snap

Using Surveyor's online management tool, you can easily supervise the data collection process. Then, when you're ready, export the results in standards compliant GeoJSON.

Better budgeting

With more efficient surveying, getting projects bids is even easier. Better use of client funds helps keep firms and their customers happy

Field team favorite

Easy to use on familiar devices, the survey tool is easy for anyone to collect data and allows for flexible team size to cover whatever ground needed

Format flexibility

Data is easily exported in GeoJSON format so firms can overlay their plans and maps for clear reporting. Large areas can even cover multiple projects

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