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What if a curb could be transparent, flexible and productive? Coord now supports over 17,000 miles of curbs in 15 cities across North America.

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Coord is an online platform that helps cities inventory, price, allocate & manage the curb.

The curb is some of the most valuable real estate in any city, and Coord is the only comprehensive curb management platform designed to help cities better manage their curbside.


We make it easy to collect, analyze & communicate curb data to improve decision-making for users & officials


Scalably adapt to changing conditions & modes for improved adoption of new initiatives


Serve more people & price public space equitably to balance availability and usage

Smarter decisions made with smarter data.

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Use Coord’s flexible, scalable technology to actively manage your curbs, decreasing congestion and improving access, safety and sustainability.

Intelligent mobility for fleets
Communicate curb regulations through the Coord API to effectively orchestrate commercial pickup and drop-off activity

Measure impact of pilots
Articulate trade-offs during planning and test results to stakeholders to understand effectiveness of initiatives

Maximize curb productivity
Better managed curb space means less congestion, better access, and a safer, more sustainable community

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Curbs in busy neighborhoods should be for more than long-term car storage. Coord helps city staff analyze the opportunities and impacts of changing their curb space. 

Quantify and visualize impacts
Understand the effects of new curbside projects using Coord's interactive maps, dashboards & scenario planning. 

Explore relationships between datasets
Combine data collected using Coord Collector with integrated City datasets and third-party datasets for better analysis.

Manage change with constituents
Coord helps cities communicate proposals and new programs with stakeholders to gain input and buy-in.

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In order to properly manage the curb, city staff need to know where it is, what is on it, and how it is being used at any given time. 

Inventory of Curb Assets
Coord Collector app is an efficient way to collect inventory data and analyze curb features, like parking signs, fire hydrants, and loading zones, that impact when, where and who has access the curb. 

Report who & how curbs are being used
Collect data for occupancy & turnover studies to understand how your curbs are being used. It is easy to expand or contract study area sizes, or integrate data from historical parking studies.

Leverage the Power of Augmented Reality
Coord Collector uses state-of-the-art AR technology to accurately position curb assets on digital maps—no measuring wheels or manual data entry needed, in a fraction of the time.

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What Coord helps cities do:

Coord tools enable cities to visualize, analyze and re-imagine their curb space.  Coord helps cities actively manage their curb space and communicate regulations to drivers and communities.



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Transportation Planning
How many feet of commercial loading zone are in my downtown in morning peak hours? 


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Parking Management
How much curb space do I have in a permit zone relative to how many permits I’ve issued?


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Stakeholder Engagement
How can I show residents and businesses the impacts of different curb space use options?

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Commercial Loading Zones
How do I give commercial drivers incentives to use loading zones instead of double-parking?


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Passenger Pickup Management
How do I reduce congestion and ensure safety in popular ride-hailing pickups areas? 


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Adjusting Parking Meter Pricing
How do I improve parking availability and reduce congestion from drivers circling for parking?

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Coordinating better mobility

Managing a fleet can be a complex challenge, and reliable, uniform data is essential to operations. Coord is designed to help mobility & logistics companies understand where and how cities are regulating their curbs. From routing autonomous vehicles, to finding the best place to stop for a food or package delivery, Coord can help mobility companies optimize their operations for ideal user experiences.

Effectively route users to optimal locations for pickups or deliveries based on curbside regulations

Communicate safe stopping locations to reduce incidents and insurance costs and save lives

Reduce curbside infractions to improve margins and increase safety for all road users




Why Coord?

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Control: City is in the Driver’s Seat

Coord makes it easy for the City to understand, change and communicate curb regulations.




Comprehensive: Fleets Get Full Picture of the Curb

Coord API provides the driver with one stop shop of all of the locations where she can load or park - both virtual and traditional.



Scalable: Understand Curb Trade-Offs at the Neighborhood Level

Coord provides data and analysis needed to site, evaluate and scale curb management programs - not just a point solution.





"From deliveries to scooters, there is intense competition for curb space in Downtown Santa Monica. Having a complete picture of how, where and when our curbs are used helps us to adapt and designate the necessary space for our ever-changing environment while meeting the needs of our businesses and patrons."

Benjamin DeWitte
Research & Data Manager, Downtown Santa Monica





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