Delivering the Digital Curb

Coord is an online platform that helps cities manage their curbs so that they can reduce congestion, improve safety and drive new revenue.

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Where are you on your curb management journey?

Take inventory of your curbs

Get a detailed digital curb inventory so you can see, for each curb space, who may use it, for how long, and at what price. Automatically combine asset data, municipal code, parking prices and more to unlock insights.


Allocate curb uses according to city priorities

Visualize and quantify the impact of alternative curb uses in a project area. Identify sites along the curb that meet your criteria for new initiatives, such as an expansion of passenger pick-up areas or smart loading zones.


Change prices to meet goals

Leverage curb-by-curb parking and loading capacity data combined with granular occupancy data to determine how to change pricing to meet availability objectives and reduce circling for parking.


Reimagine curb operations

Reduce double-parking, improve safety and generate new revenue by creating tech-enabled smart loading zones that provide commercial fleet drivers with the information and incentives to load legally.


What Coord helps cities do

Coord helps cities develop curb use strategies, translate these strategies into specific curb permissions, and actively manage the way fleet drivers access curb space.


Transportation Planning

How many loading and parking spaces do we lose when we add a bike or bus lane?


Urban Freight & Deliveries

How do I give commercial drivers incentives to use loading zones instead of double-parking?


Parking Management

How many curb spaces do we have in a permit zone relative to how many permits we’ve issued?


Ride-hail Management

How do I encourage ride-hail to use designated pick-up/drop-off zones to reduce congestion & ensure safety?


Community Engagement

How can I show residents and businesses the differences in alternative curb space use options?


Adjusting Parking Meter Pricing

What prices will improve parking availability and reduce congestion from drivers circling for parking?

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Coord for mobility companies

Coord helps mobility and delivery services operate more efficiently, safely and legally along the curb.


Minimize time taken for pick-ups & deliveries by routing to appropriate curb spaces


Reduce collisions & insurance claims by using designated pick-up/drop-off zones


Reduce tickets and tows by parking and loading legally


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Nov 2, 2020

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Dawn Miller

Head of Policy & Partnerships

Sep 21, 2020

The City of Omaha Creates its First Smart Zones

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Dawn Miller

Head of Policy & Partnerships

Aug 5, 2020

Analyzing the Availability of Curbside Loading Space in Seattle

One issue we often hear from cities is that it can be difficult to determine how much loading space is needed to meet the needs of different types of...


Kenny Durell

Product Specialist

Coord in the news

Why Coord?


Aligned Incentives: City and Coord Succeed Together

City and Coord share incentive to promote useful curb services to as many fleets as possible, improving compliance & generating revenue


Future-Proof: City Data Belongs to the City

City can export data in a standardized format and make it available through other channels, retaining value of investments; no special hardware required


Privacy First Approach: We Sell Tools, Not Personally Identifiable Info (PII)

Coord follows established industry standards and can demonstrate adherence to city-specific policies